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classroom jobs bulletin board with colorful sticky notes on black paper and multi - colored adhesives
Classroom Jobs-Teaching the meaning of "responsibility" by putting it straight into practice! Students keep their jobs for a week and then they`re "hired" for another position! Totally works for the teacher and kids are loving it too! JOBS: Door Opener, Eraser, Noise Patrol, Pencil Sharpener, Lights Monitor, Chair Patrol, Absence Reporter, Teacher Helper, Paper Passer
a spiral notebook with the words shoot for the moon even if you miss, you'll land among the stars
Ecojot – Carolyn Gavin designed journals. All made in Canada
Carolyn Gavin
the words have been drawn in different colors
Back to School 2016 Posters- Part 1 (technology rocks. seriously.)
Back to School 2016 Posters- Part 1 | technology rocks. seriously. | Bloglovin’