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Quilting for Beginners: Make beautiful DIY quilts even if you're a quilting or sewing newbie. A tutorial and tip guide for making a quilt from start to finish. Quilting for Beginners teaches newbies how to quilt from the basics, start to finish. This 5 part series walks you through each step of quilt making.

This tutorial has several videos to walk you through he process! Great for beginners!

Great series for people who want to learn how to quilt! And I find new tips in almost every post/book/tutorial I'm exposed to.

Flower and Dragonfly Original 16x20 Canvas Painting by Skinderella | Skinderella Art & Ink

Canvas + paint + stencils

This is a multi canvas dandelion painting and there are sparkles over top of the pink as well.

I'd like this on my wall :)

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