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a person walking down a road with a hat on their head and trees in the background
lewati pagi by souledien on DeviantArt
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a store filled with fruits and vegetables
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This picture was taken from the inside at the very moment when the women entered the temple from the typical narrow, balinese style entrance.
a group of people standing around with baskets on their heads and in front of them
Bali Traditional Market
Bali Traditional Market.taken from Pasar bebandem, Karangasem Bali
an arrangement of flowers and candles on the sand at the beach with blue skies in the background
ceremonie in Bali  Bali Bucket Lists, Happy Chhath Puja, Balinese Art, Bali Baby, Gili Island, Dutch East Indies
Bali by Irma1989 on DeviantArt Bali
a woman in an elaborate dress and headdress with feathers on her head is looking away from the camera
Anton Ismael for Dewi magazine (dewi wedding)
a place where the clock stops ticking: Anton Ismael for Dewi magazine (dewi wedding)-Bali's bride
Sejarah Kuno, Asia Tenggara, Jolie Photo, People Of The World
Cheerful Dancers
a young woman dressed in traditional thai garb and holding a plate with both hands
Girls Dance From Jimbaran
Girls Dance From Jimbaran
a woman in an elaborate costume dancing on stage
Dancer's look
Dancer's look | Ramayana Dancer caught looking at my camera,… | Flickr
two people dressed in costumes and headdress, one holding a fan while the other holds
Balinese dances