I would have loved this when I was a kid!

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Candied popcorn is so easy to make with this recipe! This recipe can be personalized to whatever holiday or occasion you're celebrating just use different colors and flavors of gelatin to make festive candied popcorn for any occasion. Package this sweet treat up in decorative boxes, bags, or other specialty containers for a gift all of your friends and family will love.

Candied Popcorn (with sweetened condensed milk and jell-o) how could you go wrong?

I think this is the perfect birthday gift for my 3 year old godchild. I kind of want one myself Card Table Playhouse, Indoor Playhouse, Playhouse Ideas, Diy For Kids, Crafts For Kids, Activities For Kids, Our Kids, Table Cards, Card Tables

Pirate Adventure Card Table Playhouse, Play Teepee, Kids Teepee, Play Tent, Kids Tent, Indoor Playhouse, Personalized, Custom Order

my very ripe bananas are calling for timmy's oatmeal banana bars.  yum! Chocolate Chip Bars, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, White Chocolate Chips, Chocolate Recipes, Bhg Recipes, Cookie Recipes, Banana Recipes, Oatmeal Recipes, Banana Bars

Oatmeal Banana Bars

Oatmeal Banana Bars with real oats and mashed up bananas-Try substituting cub butter with cup apple sauce and substitute flour with nut meal( I make my own from an overly ripe apple, hazelnuts, almonds and a food processor)

five pillow cases sewn together, insert pillows. I am sure adults can use these too?? Old Pillows, Sewing Pillows, Cheap Pillows, Sewing Projects, Sewing Crafts, Diy Crafts, Sewing Ideas, Fun Projects, Floor Cushions
Great Little Trading Co.

Bed in a Bag, Grey Star

DIY Bed in a Bag by re-nest: Upcycle old pillowcases by sewing the sides together and inserting old pillows! I have so many old pillows laying around.

Instead of arbitrarily giving kids an allowance, allow them to choose the chores they want to do so they can earn as much money as they want. Dave Ramsey talks about this. Crafts For Kids, Activities For Kids, Diy Crafts, Family Crafts, Creative Crafts, Creative Ideas, Educational Activities, Chore Magnets, Chore System

Additional Chore Magnets: Custom Chore Chart System

Chores for Money magnets - great idea! This is something I could easily add and use with our existing chore chart. Chores for Money magnets - great idea! This is something I could easily add and use with our existing chore chart.

We made the walls of our clubhouse out of 1/4 inch ply covered with 2 bundles of cedar shingles–bought at the lumberyard. We constructed the door out of 3/4 inch ply, cut out the window, hung it on 4 hinges, cut it in half and then rehung it. We put a wall-mounted light inside with a wall switch outside the door–this is used all the time, since it’s dark and scary in there without  Note from blogger who made Under Stairs Playhouse, Space Under Stairs, Indoor Playhouse, Closet Playhouse, Kid Playhouse, Inside Playhouse, Indoor Forts, Playhouse Ideas, Kids Clubhouse

Under the stairs Kids Clubhouse- would be awesome for when we get around to finishing the basement. Reminds me a little of my Gma and Gpa's old house and their toy shop in the basement

jello playdough Play Dough, Homemade Jello, Homemade Clay, Homemade Chili, Diy Clay, Home Made Playdough Recipe, Home Made Playdoh, Uncooked Playdough Recipe, Play Recipe

Jello Play Dough: white flour – 1 cup salt – 2 tbsp, cream of tartar – 2 tbsp cooking oil – 2 tbsp, warm water – 1 cup, Jello – 1 pack. Knead in a little flour and food coloring.