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Having a 2 or 3-year-old not listening to anything you say is of the most frustrating things about raising a young child. But using positive language instead of negative language can make a huge difference! Your child will be more willing to listen to you and you\'ll find a very effective way to communicate with your child! | Positive discipline | Positive parenting tips | Gentle parenting #GentleParenting #PositiveDiscipline #ParentingTips

Multi-digit multiplication is a difficult concept to teach. Long gone are the days where we teach one method, such as long multiplication, and just *hope* that all of our students catch on and can use

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This file contains both EDITABLE and suggested versions for a procedures planner, procedures checklist, guided discovery checklist, and "looks like, sounds like" chart for class discussion and display.

Looking for something to help your students write better counterclaims? Here's a list of sentence starters to provide to your middle school students! Argumentative writing is made easier with these sentence stems for grade, grade, and grade students.

Seven ways a smart phone can make a teacher’s life easier! Use your phone to record who did the homework. Don’t collect all that paper if you only have time to verify who completed th…