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Um excuse me you paladin is LITERALLY DYING Voltron Memes, Voltron Fanart, Dads, Star Wars, Paper Child, Kermit, Voltron Black Lion, Summary, Voltron Legendary Defender Pidge

Season Two: Red Lion vs. Black Lion This isn’t Klance but I thought it was to hilarious to not but in here 😆😆🤣😂

VLD fanart - When Pidge needs a break, they take simple pleasures//HAHAHAHAHSHS Voltron Comics, Voltron Memes, Voltron Fanart, Voltron Klance, Form Voltron, Voltron Ships, Shiro Voltron, Boi, Samurai

Slide me a cold one! (sip sip) Pidge pretending to drink but really she’s just sipping on milk

VoltronLegendaryDefender, Voltron, VLD - iFunny :) Voltron Memes, Voltron Comics, Voltron Fanart, Form Voltron, Voltron Ships, Voltron Klance, Big Brothers, Astral Plane, Voltron Force

Picture memes KDRTK3Bu5 by LotorsHoe: 5 comments - iFunny :)

I would Yor-hack if that was his name<< was that comment made by lance? Voltron Ships, Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Grown Man, Real Hero, God, Netflix, Voltron Memes, Paladin

Thank god for this man. Imagine saying “Yorak, where are you?” Or somthin like that

  Samurai, Frog Meme, Walking Meme, Voltron Tumblr, Voltron Memes, Random, Matt Holt, Meme Lord, Corner

I'm convinced this was done purposely to replicate that meme// Pidge: I don’t think this is safe for us Keith: Do it Pidge:But this can kill everyone Keith: Just do it *fades into the corner of darkness*

Voltron Lions- Black, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Lions from Voltron Legendary Defender Form Voltron, Voltron Ships, Blue Green, Universe, Red Black, Voltron Green Lion, Pilot, Voltron Legendary Defender Pidge, Cartoons

nothing but sunburn and poison oak

They play a big roll in the show too ya know! And they're happy to answer you questions. One question per pin and please make them decent! But go ahead and ask away

OMG IT'S SO CUTE I LOVE IT AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KEITH MY LOVE WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE Matt Holt, Tumblr, Form Voltron, Voltron Ships, Voltron Klance, Random, Cartoons, Couple, Crying

Proud Parents- Krolia, Keith's Galra Mother and her husband, Keith's father watching Keith as a baby sleeping with his stuffed plush hippo from Voltron Legendary Defender

no one asked for it but HERE YOU GO bunch of genderbend voltron sketches and… Manga, Fan Art, Amazing, Awesome, Cartoons, Tv, Voltron Klance, Voltron Memes, Voltron Ships

gone fishing.

Gender bent Voltron is so cool<<Dayum Shiro looks hot and Lance AND Hunk look cute

lance | Tumblr Baby, Mustache, Voltron Tumblr, Voltron Memes, Voltron Fanart, Cartoons, Hunk Voltron, Voltron Ships, Voltron Klance

voltron legendary defender on Tumblr

i live for lance being coran's high key fav Paladin Lance: Hey Coran? Coran: Yes? Lance: I mustache you a question! mustache Coran crying and thinking: This is my favorite Paladin Lance: Coran?

Why am I laughing Matt Holt, Voltron Memes, Dreamworks, Gay, Universe, Shiro, Low Key, American Cartoons, Caption

Otakus are low-key kinda gross but that’s just my opinion // edit: y’all need to calm your anime tiddies it’s just an opinion don’t get sHoOk << I ain't shook I just pissed. OTAKUS ARE AMAZING WHAT U TALKIN ABOUT

Krolia knew, she knew that that blade was hers and that only one person could have it right then and there. Voltron Ships, Voltron Klance, Voltron Fanart, Form Voltron, Voltron Force, Robot Lion, Fan Art, Count, Blade

Krolia knew, she knew that that blade was hers and that only one person could have it right then and there.<< that confused look sge had was like "why and how the fuck are you here?