Espana- Food

Madrid Spain Food - Mozzarella, Iberian ham and porcini mushroom on toast

Espana Video

BIG NEWS on Travel Yourself - Spain video release and an amazing new partnership!

Travel Yourself explores the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Valencia in the first part of Cailin O'Neil's self produced travel TV series.

Espana Video

Espana-video-Flamenco Dancing in Barcelona Spain

Espana- Flag

This is the Spanish flag. The yellow stripe in the middle of the flag represents generosity. The two red stripes represent hardiness, bravery, and strength. In the middle of the yellow stripe is the coat of arms of Spain.

Espana Video

VIDEO: Plaza Cataluña in Barcelona (Spain) with Christmas

Espana-Tourist Attractions- Camp Nou(soccer stadium) in Barcelona

Gotta love the FC Barcelona Stadium.

Espana- Currency

Alle eurobiljetten en euromunten gratis uitprinten voor in de klas

Espana- Tourist Attracrions- Barcelona Aquarium

Four Tourist Attractions for Families in Barcelona

We list popular tourist attractions for families in Barcelona including the Zoo, aquarium and theme parks.

Espana- Tourist Attractions- Hemispheric Opera House

Espana- Tourist Attractions- Hemispheric Opera House