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DC Batman Texts From Robin aka Damian Wayne wants a Shapeshifter to take Bruce Wayne's Place at School P/T Meeting

Justice League: WAR - Green Lantern and Batman Batman Robin, Im Batman, Superman, Batman Comics, Marvel Comics, Funny Comics, Batman Family, Dc Characters, Detective Comics

Justice League War - Batman pwns Green Lantern - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

I love how it is captioned batman and robin not dick and bruce Young Justice League, Nightwing Young Justice, Young Justice Season 1, Young Justice Robin, Batman Y Superman, Jason Todd, Bat Family, Catwoman, Batgirl

Is the wall he punches made of concrete or plaster? Cause if concrete, wow, Dick is strong Xx>>>> I mean he's an acrobat and DICK GRAYSON

lol one of the best parts in the entire series!!!! Draw the squad like this lol Teen Titans Funny, Teen Titans Go, Teen Titans Robin, Bbrae, Young Justice, Detective Comics, Dc Heroes, Raven Beast Boy, Mind Tricks

Funny as heck i know, but then BB tries to be Obi-wan Kenobi. Guess he forgot that mind tricks don't work on droids.

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Wasn’t the original teen titans but okay<<<<< tf you mean? this literally WAS the original teen titans.

This made me laugh so hard XD Wally West Young Justice, Young Justice Comic, Young Justice Funny, Nightwing Young Justice, Young Justice Love, Young Justice League, Kid Flash, Dc Comics Funny, Marvel Dc Comics

Read Misunderstanding {Robin (Dick Grayson)x Speedster! Reader} from the story Young Justice One Shots by ICFrost (ICFrost/鍾潔心) with reads.

This is awesome. XD Superbat, Batman Vs Superman, Comic Book Heroes, Dc Heroes, Comic Books, Dc Comics, Funny Comics, Superhero Texts, Superhero Humor

One of the perks of being a playboy billionaire philanthropist turn vigilante superhero. Sorry Clark, but your journalist salary is what batman spends on batarangs.

Replace Supes with Steve Trevor and that’s basically the plot of the movie. (Still loved it, though.) Superhero Memes, Superhero Villains, Batman Jokes, Comic Villains, Text Messages, Comic Text, Justice League, Funny Clips, Texts From Superheroes

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