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Davy Crockett - 1875.  This is the outlaw nephew of the Davy Crockett of legend who died at the Alamo on March 6, 1836.  [Thank you @Judie Metz.] Texas History, World History, Davy Crockett, Wilder Westen, Old West Outlaws, Mountain Man, American Frontier, Cowboys And Indians, Wild West

DAVY CROCKETT (American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier and politician, referred to as the "King of the Wild Frontier", died at the Battle of the Alamo)

Sally Hemings was Thomas Jefferson's slave and half sister of his late wife,  Martha Wayles Skelton.   She bore  six children, four of whom survived and were raised as slaves.  Sally Hemings' duties at Monticello included nursemaid-companion, lady's maid, chambermaid, and seamstress. She never married and left no known writings. She was allowed "retirement" when she was 53, she died at age 62. Us History, Women In History, African American History, Black History Facts, History Channel, American Women, African Diaspora, Black People, Historical Photos

Who Was Sally Hemings? min) TV-PG Thomas Jefferson had a 37 year relationship and fathered several children with one of his slaves, Sally Hemings.

Quick and Easy Great Depression Simulation. Free step-by-step instructions online -- all you need is 10 minutes of class time and some index cards or Post-it notes! Great way to get students engaged and thinking about the real-life impact of the Crash of 1929! How To Cure Depression, Signs, Movie Posters, Movies, Home Decor, 2016 Movies, Homemade Home Decor, Films, Popcorn Posters

Quick and Easy Great Depression Simulation

Our Most Beloved Sons of the South  Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and P.G.T. Beauregard. The other generals are pictured around the outer edge of the leaf, forming a frame for the three in the center. The lithograph also shows the Confederate National Flags, and the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. The top center portion features a portrait of Jefferson Davis. This is an absolutely stunning piece Confederate States Of America, Confederate Flag, Guerra Civil Americana, Stonewall Jackson, General Lee, Southern Pride, Southern Men, Southern Belle, Southern Charm

Three Versions of the Flag of the Confederate States of America & the Confederate battle Flag. - Stonewall Jackson - P. Beauregard, & Robert E. Lee-surrounded by bust portraits of Jefferson Davis & Confederate officers.

20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield (Moreland Hills, OH) - Also served as a Union General in the Civil War All Presidents, American Presidents, American Civil War, American History, Presidential Portraits, Presidential History, 20th President, Civil War Photos, United States Army

Major General James Garfield, United States Army in the American Civil War. The only president to ever have been a preacher. He was a minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Sam Houston (1793-1863) by Matthew Brady. Houston was a remarkable man for his time and place. He refused to swear allegiance to The Confederate States of America. He lived with the Cherokees for many years. He voted against the expansion of slavery into new states. He was the first President of Texas and a vehement opponent of Secession. These all make him practically a pinko Commie radical for that time. The Republic, Republic Of Texas, American Civil War, American History, World History, Texas History, Confederate States Of America, Interesting History, Old Pictures

Sam Houston is best known for being the President of the Republic of Texas and leading the Texans to the defeat of Santa Anna at San Jacinto. The city of.

On March 17, 1905, Eleanor Roosevelt married distant cousin Franklin Roosevelt "despite the fierce resistance of his mother. While she did not dislike Eleanor, Sara Roosevelt was very possessive of her son; believing he was too young, she several times attempted to break the engagement.Eleanor's uncle, the president, stood in at the wedding for Eleanor's deceased father Elliott. (Eleanor had lost both parents by age ten.) Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Roosevelt Family, American Presidents, American History, Us History, Women In History, Presidents Usa

Franklin Delano Roosevelt & Eleanor Roosevelt, Hyde Park, NY Husband and wife teams go to the park one afternoon in their leisure wear.

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Rossin (Rossen Raykov) (1964)