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70s Sci-Fi Art                                                                                                                                                                                 More Fantasy Landscape, Mushroom Art, Giant Mushroom, Aliens, Cyberpunk, Arte Tribal, 70s Sci Fi Art, Retro Futuristic, Science Fiction Art

70s Sci-Fi Art

Despite the fact that the U. government deems many hallucinogenic or psychedelic substances to be dangerous, classifying them as Schedule I drugs with “no currently accepted medical use,” various scientists have dared to study their effects.

the otherworldly landscapes digitally crafted by filip hodas transport the viewer into a hypnagogic, hyperrealistic space. Science Fiction Art, 3d Landscape, Landscape Concept, Perspective, Landscape Illustration, Illustration Art, Sculpture, 3d Artwork, Alien Art

filip hodas' otherworldly landscapes suggest interventions by alien forces

The Art Of Blade Runner 2049 Pretty Movie, Blade Runner 2049, Game Props, Sci Fi Background, Dan, Concept Art, Artist, Future City, Artwork

The Art Of Blade Runner 2049

This is an idea for an info screen for the Vegas scene I did while working on Blade Runner 2049 Ajin, Sci Fi, Science Fiction

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Ajin, Sci Fi, Science Fiction

Image result for trappist 1e Alien Words, Hard Science Fiction, Alien Planet, Space Fantasy, Science Facts, Star Wars Jedi, Space Theme, Light Year, Milky Way

Last week I was fascinated by NASA's latest discovery on 7 exoplanets, and the possibility that three of them might have water! So, over the weekend I started making some concepts of some of the planets, with the information

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Displaying Trapist_KeyPoster.webp

ArtStation - TRAPPIST-1, Kontorn Boonyanate Backdrops, Outer Space, Backgrounds

TRAPPIST-1, Kontorn Boonyanate

by Kontorn Boonyanate on ArtStation.

ArtStation - Exploration of new worlds, Attila Gallik (forgedOrder) Celestial, Explore, Planets, Digital, World, Artwork, Painting, Attila, The World

Exploration of new worlds, Attila Gallik

Digital painting inspired by the newly discovered Trappist planets.

Image result for sci fi environment exterior

Image result for sci fi environment exterior