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Omg I have a Gravity Falls book, and there is a secret code that is written in this way on random pages of the book, and this will help so much to figure it out!

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Dipper Pines, now returns to the small town of Gravity Falls with… Fanfiction

I honestly think that Ford doesn't understand his own kind. He doesn't understand that Dipper and Mabel's relationship is different than his and Stan's. He's selfish sometimes, but when you've spent 30-40 years fending for yourself in unknown worlds that caused another man to go crazy after seeing them for 10 seconds... He's got issues and wants to teach Dipper how to avoid his failings and pursue success. ~ Jessie Dipcifica, Dipper And Mabel, Fall Boards, Disney Xd, 10 Seconds, Reverse Falls, Force Of Evil, Selfish, 40 Years

PK Shut The Fuck Up Ω

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A Working Progress

Dipper Pines- what's in your bag? essentials ^yeah the rift is really SUPER essential you can't lose that hehehe yeah…