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HELLSTRIDER - Concept Dump, Josh Corpuz on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yW5XJ Fantasy Character Design, Character Concept, Character Inspiration, Character Ideas, Character Creation, Character Drawing, Fantasy Inspiration, Concept Art, Fantasy Warrior

Always wanted to do or work on a Strategy RPG type of game, so I've been working on one (only the art though, can't program or design a game haha).

The Remains of "Lascicus, Guarder of Alliance" the second known Gaurdian to refuse to leave his ground on which he protected. His arms found shackelled, which leds to believe his disowning went differently then Najéarah since she only was shackelled on her feet. Environment Concept, World Environment Day, Environment Design, Fantasy Concept Art, Fantasy Rpg, Fantasy World, Fantasy Artwork, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy City

Statues of import: You’ll find many symbols of protest like this in the Outlands. The people are tired of being controlled by their alien captors.

Mayan textile symbols                                                                                                                                                     More

Mayan textile symbols More

"Wherever you stand, be the  Soul  of that Place."   ~ Rumi  <3 lis Aztec Costume, Native Art, Native Indian, Native American Art, Indian Tribes, Mexican Heritage, Chicano Art, Mexicans, Aztec Warrior

Aztec Dancer

One of the colorfully costumed Aztec dancers at the Celebration of Nations in Franklin, TN.

ArtStation - watuabang, amirul hhf

watuabang, amirul hhf

ArtStation - watuabang, amirul hhf

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Energy Unity in Diversity Adaptability Freedom and Emancipation Supremacy Universe of God Harmony Strength Intelligence Adinkra Symbols