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Alliteration Inspiration: Veggies & Vacation / on Design Work Life 3d Paper, Paper Crafts, Paper Art And Craft, Paper Pop, Diy Crafts, Paper Design, Design Art, Cut Out Design, Food Design

Alliteration Inspiration: Veggies & Vacation

I like the way this design uses layers to create dimension and depth, it makes it look like these objects have been sliced in half. Food and object illustration

Eiko Ojala Paper Art, Paper Crafts, Illustration, Paper Cutting, Magazine, Handmade, Shoe Bag, Creative, Outdoor Decor

To be honest, I’m not really sure how Eiko Ojala made these illustration. Did he cut them out of paper or did he made them digitally … Let’s just say they

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Eiko Ojala is a illustrator, graphic designer, and art director with over 8 years experience from Tallinn, Estonia. His interests include paper collage,

Johnson Tsang - Hong Kong artist Human Sculpture, Sculpture Clay, Johnson Tsang, Ceramic Mask, Pottery Sculpture, Gcse Art, Art Portfolio, Installation Art, Art Tutorials

Hong Kong artist Johnson Tsang

Johnson Tsang‘s completely contorted facial sculptures are so absurd they’re lovely. Hands play a major role in his Open.