Jerusalem:The Holy Land where 3 different religions agree to disagree.. I would ♥ to visit this place!

Visit the Holy Land

Jerusalem:The Holy Land where 3 different religions agree to disagree. I would ♥ to visit this place!


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Beauty of Sujood … (Beauty Soul Quotes)

Allah is with you

Allah is with you Abby

Do half of you even know what is going on in Palestine? Probably not. Talking about this topic with most people begets blank stares. #sad

Gaza tomorrow will be free Inshallah .

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Palestine: only an end to war will be a tiny start in resolving differences. War will never end problems. It will only enliven the problems. Keep them alive.

If you Forget Gaza .. this is supposed to remind you ...

If you forget Gaza this poster is designed to make you remember. If you Forget Gaza

Palestina Libre ya!!!!!

خلق الجمال فلسطينيا More information Jews exterminating Muslims / palestinian and the world is just watching and doing nothing Morocco-Holland khalid Jews exterminating Muslims / pa


Dome of the Rock Mosque Palestine

pray for gaza | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Palestine 4 ever

End israeli war crimes, there were no soldiers kidnapped, only excuses to continue the genocide! Wake up!! #freegaza #freepalestine

The situation in Palestine is getting more sombre by the day. Our prayers go to our brothers and sisters over there, especially the little ones.

Forgiveness it's not about them.

The ultimate truth and goal every Muslim should aim for.and this is exactly why I forgive others though i feel they may not deserve it, I do anyway for the sake of Allah because I surely need my Lords mercy.

Gaza under attack* Go to Google and see how Israeli soldiers F IDF AND Israeli trained USA police are multiplying all over USA, they will take people to FEMA camps, using Christian Zionist traitors who do not know they are being used...IT CAN BE STOPPED, as they are a tiny minority...*

Gaza under attack

شبكة فلسطين للأنباء (@ShfaNews_Net) | تويتر

Palestine News Network (


Free the holy land of Palestine.

Since when are the innocent children of Gaza such a threat to Israel?

Iranian fans hold a banner in support of the Palestinian people as Iran defeated nine-time winner Brazil to became the first Asian team to make it to the semi-final of the FIVB Volleyball World League.