In his long silence, she found closure, and left her love under a willow tree.

" in his long silence she found closure. and she left her love under the willow tree - nikita gill

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Padahal ibu lebih butuh dukungan tapi ibu justru yang nenangin saya ❤ mom did you know how strong and brave you are. Abah will proud of you, Im swear. Okkay no crying anymore let be independent and strong ME


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Alhamdulillah. Thank You Allah for not giving me everything I asked for. What You gave me is so much better!

They aren't left unanswered, rather they are reserved for your life herafter and for something even better than what you're asking for!

Keep praying.💎♛||@ALISHAZAMAN_||♛💎

"Know that our prayers are never wasted. We never know when, where or how Allah is going to answer, but know for sure that He will answer.

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Life Of My Heart — Home Remember we cannot do or achieve anything, it is Allah who decide's who succeeds and fails, all He does require is determination and perseverance. We have to try in order to succeed?

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Never-ending inspiration from the Quran and the Islamic spiritual tradition, this print has been lettered by hand by Marryam Lum using brush and.

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Ayeina hosts and shares thoughts on gratitude from Muslims across the world in their unique book and posters series.

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