Allah knows all our secrets.

Allah knows all our secrets. InshaAllah will be togesther for evr coz Allah knowz evrything Ammeen.

Every time people hurt me, I become closer to Allah

Islamc Sabr / Patience Quotes & Sayings in English With Beautiful Images. These be patient verses from quran will In sha Allah boost your iman and teach you how

اللَّهُــمَّ صَلِّ وَسَـــلِّمْ وَبَارِكْ على نَبِيِّنَـــا مُحمَّدﷺ

Volume Book Number Narrated 'Imran bin Husain: The Prophet said, "I looked at Paradise and found poor people forming the majority of its inhabitants; and I looked at Hell and saw that the majority of its inhabitants were women.

If Someone Hurts You Then Don't Be Upset

If someone hurts you then don't be upset as it's the law of nature that the trees with the sweetest fruits are beaten the most. —Imam Ali (a.

انا من الحسين والحسين مني .. احب الله من احب حسينا

Hadith of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) - Husain (A.S) - Love For Me encompasses Love for Hussain (A.

السلام على زينب .. جبل الصبر #ويبقى_الحسين ..

ويبقى الحسين on

السلام على زينب .. جبل الصبر #ويبقى_الحسين ..