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I tried to make a meme but it sucks. Credits to me, Hanji Zoe/DemonKit. But I doubt anyone will try to say its there's cause this sucks XD (I left the original headline -HM 😊)

The Mad House

that awkward moment when you did this literally two nights ago <<< I seriously did this 2 nights ago. I'm not an otaku! That's not otaku right?

Unclear on the concept: 20+ things you will NEVER catch ... any ... sane person doing ;-) Paul ww w.GetUNstuckNOW.org

Why women live longer than men link! This is the most lit&legit thing I've ever seen in my life.

Oh gosh

Banana-Senpai, Y U No Notice Me?<< oh gosh this is amazing I laughed so hard there are tears streaming down my face lol Sorry Apple chan senpai didn't notice you