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an abstract logo with the shape of a stack of books and a bird flying over it
Architecture Obsession
Architecture Obsession #logo #branding #brand #logotype #building #architecture #house #minimalism #logodesign #logodesigner #london #realestate #minimalism #minimal #geometry #geometric #graphicdesign #design
the logo for toronto's tachine goes here, which is designed in black and white
Premium Vector | Toronto tower logo icon vector template on white background
three chairs and a table are shown in this black and white illustration on a light gray background
Stay Chillin' 😎🍺
Stay Chillin' 😎🍺
the smart farm icon set is shown
Smart Farm Flat Icon set
some type of geometric design that is black and white, with different shapes on it
Gennady Savinov
an abstract logo with the shape of a stack of books and a bird flying over it
Architecture Obsession
Architecture Obsession #logo #branding #brand #logotype #building #architecture #house #minimalism #logodesign #logodesigner #london #realestate #minimalism #minimal #geometry #geometric #graphicdesign #design
an open book showing instructions on how to do different things
Icons image inspiration on Designspiration
photo #icon #symbol #pictogram
an old school computer game screen with different types of objects and symbols on it's side
Susan Kare's Macintosh icons
Susan Kare, original Macintosh icons. Masterful use of very few pixels. (c. 1984)
an eye with a globe in the center is on top of a black and white sign
four different types of science related items on colored squares, each with a magnifying glass
Cph Art Festival Pictograms
Cph Art Festival Pictograms by Jonas Markussen
a black and white drawing of a person with the words fusao on it
All About Dance Pictograms
All About Dance Pictograms by oraviva! designers, via Behance
a woman is looking at her cell phone with icons coming out of the screen and around her
Justina Leisyte
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four different types of business icons on a light blue background with the usa map in the middle
Branded icons
Branded icons by Nicolas Solerieu for Opendoor Design on Dribbble
a black and white image of a hand holding an object in the middle of it
portal Icon - Free PNG & SVG 937750 - Noun Project
*Portal* thenounproject.com
a black and white line drawing of a tractor on a flat surface with the wheels facing forward
Tractor icon for Jensen Electric
four different types of speech bubbles with hearts and question markes on the top one
Spot Illustrations
Spot Illustrations by Carlin Eloff | Dribbble | Dribbble
some black and white icons on a light colored background, including a camera, telescope, eyeglasses, an eyeball and other items
Space exploration icons
Space exploration icons, by the awesome Mads Burcharth.
ISOTYPE and its Influence, Rudolph Modley Handbook of Pictorial Symbols, 1976 Infographics, Graphics, Information Graphics, Information Design, Figures, Conceptual Illustration
ISOTYPE and its Influence, Rudolph Modely Handbook of Pictorial Symbols, 1976
ISOTYPE and its Influence, Rudolph Modley Handbook of Pictorial Symbols, 1976
three black and white sheep standing next to each other
Lance Wyman
a black and white image of a person holding a sign
Yeti — mtnbüro
a / d
a black and white image of a sheep with its head turned to the side, on a dark background
Red Lion Nightclub Lance Wyman 1968
a black and white image of a dog with a bowl in its mouth, on a white background
Horse by matthieumartigny
Logo Animation Portfolio
We have had this idea for a while to break our logos down into genres, for example monograms / geometric style / logotypes / animals /characters etc - and the dream would be to have them animate into one another. . So here it is, the first episode of our Anifolio. The team have really enjoyed putting these together as we think it’s a new way to explore genres of logos, so excited to share more of these with you.
halloween - cauldron outlines on an orange background
Stock Photo and Image Portfolio by iStar Design | Shutterstock
Halloween Cauldron Line Icon Design
a black and yellow line drawing of a roll of toilet paper on a yellow background
Berghs School of Communication - 25AH
Berghs is one of the world’s leading schools specialised in communication. It has been awarded “School of the Year“ 5 times over the past 8 years in the international competition Future Lions that is held in Cannes. We were commisioned to design Berghs’ new website. It is based around a new color scheme, typography and illustrations representing the school’s different courses. Our work also included art direction of brand imagery. Client: Berghs School of Communication Photography: …
a black and white drawing of a man wearing a cowboy hat looking through a pair of binoculars
Index of /en
a black and white drawing of two people holding hands with one another on the other side
Logos, Logo Marks, Branding Identity, Branding, and Type image inspiration on Designspiration
a black and orange sign with an image of a smiling sunburst on it
Tim Lahan
Tim Lahan
different types of food and drinks on a white background with red lines in the middle
Food icons
Food icons
the different types of boats are depicted in this graphic art work, which includes an image of
Curiosity and Curiosities
Always With Honor icons illustrations
a red background with white symbols on it
Spalding Design // Camp Piomingo Summer Camp poster (Red) // Camp Piomingo // Andrew Spalding, Illustrator
the different types of leaves are shown in this illustration, and it is easy to read
Leaf Types — Sarah Abbott
Leaf Types - - - - Sarah Abbott - - -
four different types of surfboards are shown in three rows, each with the same color scheme
Dribbble Trend- MBE Styled -Design Inspiration — Icons... - a grouped images picture
Dribbble Trend- MBE Styled -Design Inspiration — Icons... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All
a drawing of various objects in black and white, including an image of a baseball field
Posters for SNDCT
I especially like those characterized, simple illustrates. Its really plain, simple but easy and clear way to depict what it is
the different types of food are shown in this graphic style, including meats and vegetables
Virtual Food Brand Icon Design
Virtual Food Brand Icon Design by XXX º, via Behance
an image of different colored lines in the shape of letters and numbers on white paper
learn more from here: #ray^ban cheap oakley and ray^ban deviation…
an image of some type of font and numbers
quadratisch basierte Illus in derselben Strichstärke für eine immer neue angeordnete Zusammenstellung