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This is an antique, German combination gun (according to the OP) that appears to have several gauges of ammo, like a rifle, shotgun, and pistol bullets. The flourish designs on the gun are beautiful as well.

Kimber Tactical Entry II

Kimber Tactical Entry II One of the nicest and coolest you'll ever find. Always love a kimber

skinny dip

Benoit Paillé – Rainbow Gathering part I I’m impressed! Benoit Paille took pictures of rainbow families on Rainbow Gatherings for the past three years.

Các bạn có muốn vừa thưởng thức ly cafe vừa lướt web không nhỉ ! ^_^

The Web Cup! This a new invention and i think it is a really cool idea! Basically it is a cup for drinking hot or cold drinks in, and onthe side of the cup there is a medium sized screen which is basically like a ipod touch. You can go ont he internet on