The hijab is my pride and its raises my confidence to amazing levels.

innocence and beauty:)

-The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly Girls, you are so beautiful in Hijab. You wear it, because you confident with your beau.

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It's quran-recitation ^^ The words there are Arabic and belong to the first sure (chapter) of the Quran: "Al-Fatiha".


Sara always wanted to be a journalist but no one ever excepted her because she is a muslim and wears a head scarf.

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I have no word just want to say that I do support my sisters whom wear hijab since I'm hijabis myself ( I think the propaganda is way too exaggarating t.

❤️I'm a muslim girl & proud :) I love my Hijab ^_^

it was a new challenge for me to know if i can draw a girl with hijab . to make it i was staying in front of the mirror wearing my hijab and drawing i.