My Right, My Choice, My Hijab <3

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The Bow Tutorial - Cómo ponerte una bufanda: Ideas y tutoriales / How to tie a scarf: ideas and tutorials


Simple but chic hijab style.brown is always my fav color and it looks fab in this combo!

Hijab tutorial

I have written Turkish hijab tutorial step by step for girls who want to adopt classy Turkish hijab style. These Turkish Hijab style steps are very easy.


Hijab- my right, my choice, my life. I support that, because once again, France and America alike are rushing to control the female side of the religion. Not the unjust actions of the religion.


Bold eye looks are essential in Middle Eastern makeup. Eye make up in the Middle East is also very popular due to the subtance that they use called Kohl belived to be useful in protection from eye disease and from the harsh sun.

fashionable Hijab beauty

I love you just because you are friends with this indian girl! I especially love how you bought three indian suits the other day in Bugis! you go girl! rock the indian look!