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a man standing in front of a door wearing a coat and jeans with his hands on his hips
「私のIDはカンナム美人」ASTRO チャウヌ“僕のことをツンデレだっていうメンバーがいます(笑)” - Kstyle
three different images of the same person in front of flowers and trees, one is looking up
Boyfie [Eunwoo Astro]
a young man with black hair standing in front of the ocean wearing a white and blue striped shirt
Cold Boss [HUNRENE] ✔
i want him to be in the true beauty drama so bad
Gangnam Beauty, Elle Korea, Hwang In-yeop
a man with his arms crossed standing in front of a white wall wearing sunglasses and khaki pants
eunwoo pics on Twitter
Chris Evans, Great Hairstyles
the collage shows four photos of one man in white shirt and gold flakes
a person in a costume standing on a wooden floor with two other people behind him