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egonkey: porquepuedopuedes: ffactory: Daiitoku Myō-ō from Tō-ji (東寺) aka East Temple, a Buddhist temple of the Shingon sect in Kyoto; Buddha Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Japanese Buddhism, Statues, Buddhist Art, Japan Art, Religious Art, Chinese Art, Samurai

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Fudo Myo, patron of the Samurai and one of the Five Wisdom Kings in Japanese mythology. Buddha Kunst, Buddha Art, Japanese Culture, Japanese Art, Japanese Buddhism, Asian Sculptures, Samurai, Japanese Mythology, Arte Tribal

fudo myo - Sa Murai / FUDO MYOO (in Japanese) - or ACALA (in Sanskrit) - | "Para se Ser um Bom Samurai é Preciso Ter um Pouco de Sangue Preto" Provérbio Japonês

 Statue of Raijin in Sanjūsangen-dō, Kyoto, Japan. About tall, dated to mid century Kamakura period. National Treasure of Japan 木造雷神像(国宝) 三十三間堂 京都 Kamakura Period, Ancient Myths, Japanese Mythology, Art Japonais, Buddhist Art, Religious Art, Deities, Japanese Art, Asian Art


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Make Everything Pocket-able Japanese Culture, Japanese Art, Japanese Buddhism, Asian Sculptures, Vajrayana Buddhism, 17th Century Art, Fire Art, China Art, Buddhist Art

Fudō-myōō (不動明王)

Acala (Skr.: Acala, Achala अचल; "immovable" one) is a guardian deity primarily revered in Vajrayana Buddhism in Japan, China and elsewhere. He is classed among the vidyārāja and preeminent among the Five Wisdom Kings of the Womb Realm. Accordingly, his figure occupies an important hierarchical position in the pictorial diagramatic Mandala of the Two Realms. In Japan, Acala is revered in the Shingon, Tendai, Zen and Nichiren sects.

Buddhist statue at the Amitayus (Amitābha) Temple. ıt is a celestial Buddha described in the scriptures of the Mahāyāna school of Buddhism. Amitābha is the principal Buddha in the Pure Land sect, a branch of Buddhism practiced mainly in East Asia, while i Branches Of Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism, Asian Sculptures, Amitabha Buddha, Martial, Buddha Art, Japan Art, Japanese Culture, Sculpture Art

Buddhist statue 仏像 - 念佛宗(念仏宗無量寿寺) 南門 仁王像010

www.youtube.com/user/asusume www.facebook.com/Nenbutsushu www.nenbutsushuart.tumblr.com/ www.nenbutsushu.or.jp/ Nenbutsushu Sanpouzan Muryojuji "The Royal Grand Hall of Buddhism" 念佛宗(念仏宗無量寿寺) 総本山 兵庫県加東市

Learn the meaning and benefits of Kuan Yin Mantra (Quan Yin mantra) - Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa, a pacifying Buddhist mantra. Lotus Buddha, Art Buddha, Buddha Kunst, Gautama Buddha, Buddha Buddhism, Art Sculpture, Sculptures, Statues, Little Buddha



国宝 阿修羅像 National treasure "The standing Asura" in Nara prefecture Kofukuji temple. Japanese History, Japanese Art, Standing Buddha Statue, Buddha Statues, Japanese Buddhism, Spiritual Images, Hindu Art, Religious Icons, National Treasure

金井杜道フォトギャラリー | 文化財 | 法相宗大本山 興福寺


Seated Buddha Date: century Culture: Nepal (Kathmandu Valley) Amitabha Buddha, Gautama Buddha, Buddha Buddhism, Buddha Art, Tibetan Buddhism, Art Sculpture, Stone Sculptures, Spiritual Images, Art Premier

Akshobhya, the Buddha of the Eastern Pure Land | Nepal | The Met

New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Art of the Himalayas," December 3, 2011–December 9, 2012.New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Cosmic Buddhas in the Himalayas," June 24, 2017–December 10, 2017

Kongo Yaksha (Vajrayaksa) destroyer of foolish human desires; His rite was believed to be especially efficacious for subduing demons and enemies and for gaining the love and respect of others. Japanese Buddhism, Buddhist Philosophy, Japanese History, Gautama Buddha, Religion, Korean Art, Buddhist Art, Japanese Prints, Japan Art

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木造深沙大将立像...快慶 作(金剛峯寺) Jinjadaishō by Kaikei [ Kongōbu-ji ] Around 1200 Japanese Buddhism, Asian Sculptures, Japanese Mythology, Buddhist Art, Japan Art, Sacred Art, Sculpture Art, Hindus, Wolverines

木造深沙大将立像 文化遺産オンライン

木造深沙大将立像...快慶 作(金剛峯寺) Jinjadaishō by Kaikei [ Kongōbu-ji ] Around 1200

金井杜道フォトギャラリー | 文化財 | 法相宗大本山 興福寺 Japanese Buddhism, Sculptures, Lion Sculpture, Religious Images, National Treasure, Buddhist Art, Japan Art, Ancient Art, Traditional Art

金井杜道フォトギャラリー | 文化財 | 法相宗大本山 興福寺