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“[IG] 170211 blackpinkofficial: Aww my blinkies💙✨ I give out all my thanks to eveyone who wished me (and wishes me) a happy birthday. It truly is a happy birthday and I’ll never forget my.

[SELCA] 160420 sihyeon21 Instagram Update - Red Velvet’s Yeri“[TRANS] Found the necktie~ Hahaha Seeing her take care of dongsaengs is really adult-like and makes me break into a proud smile :D #RedVelvet #Yeri #Hwaiting Trans. by: oven1408 ” ©...

Yo Coco this is also for you and your right she's so cute

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Where three girls meet the Grey Brothers " The Grey Brothers are like, THE hottest brothers ever !

Broken Again

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