Zihan haliza lorenza

Zihan haliza lorenza

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Zihan haliza lorenza
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Phantom of the opera henna tattoo :) Not real ink, but I love the idea.

Phantom of the opera henna tattoo :) Not real ink, but I love the idea.---I would get that in brown henna

shoulder henna tattoo

From the board Henna art lisa shoulder 001 shoulder henna tattoo

So true!

daily Quotes the people who want to stay in your life will always find a way Inspirational Quotes pictures

Lalla Essaydi is a Moroccan artist who has also lived in Saudi Arabia for many years. She takes Islamic calligraphy, a sacred art form practiced only by men, and applies them with painstaking detail to female bodies to create images that call attention to the highly complex realities of Arab women.

Lalla Essaydi (Morocco) via whimsebox

Allah...everyones got Allah on the front of their hands.  NOW, is that a miracle or what...it's a miracle of Allah...that you never forget ur creator.

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Arab women

- Iraqi female students wearing Arab folkloric dresses and Bedouin masks

Sheer Niqab (nice for womens only events)

Reminds me of Hwin and Aravis


I love you just because you are friends with this indian girl! I especially love how you bought three indian suits the other day in Bugis! you go girl! rock the indian look!

Faces of Saudi Arabia - by Ali Thamer, via Flickr

Bahrain girl in traditional clothing. Bahrain is an island country made up of 33 islands forming an archipelago. The country is joined to Saudi Arabia by the King Fahd Causeway.

Sisters of the Wind- Original Arabic Calligraphy Print

Arabic Calligraphy Sisters of the Wind - Everitte Barbee-Calligraphy