Men shouldn't say cooking and cleaning is a women's job only!!! That you prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for understanding

Gujarati loko pan aa ekdam sare ritey janey che (partytilfajr: “Bless you Malaysians for your Islamic Anime, God bless you.

Do you wanna build a snowman? by on @deviantART

Almighty Allah says, “The skies and the earth are in His remembrance and whatever is in them. And there is nothing which does not praise him with his remembrance, but it is you who does not u.

Turkey Hijab by on @deviantART

this hijab style called ‘turkey hijab’. this style look matching together with coat and suit…. my art in 2014 happy ne.

Tell us about ISLAM! by on @deviantART

Assalaamu alaikum [Peace be to you], WARNING: you may/may not like/agree with what I am going to say. here, I am explaining Islamic belief.

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A commission piece i did for a high school friend. She's a lovely n kind girl ~ [comm] flower garden

Love Letter

so it was uhm a fail drawing of me lol doesn't even have anything that related to me even the glasses well lets say that drawing myself in anime way and failed hope u like it

Peace! by on @deviantART

Peace! by on @deviantART