Photo )) ChanYeol for L’officiel Hommes Magazine April 2017 Issue

😍 Perfection 😍

Dat muscle tho😏 And do u guys know that right now chanyeol get fat and chabbier?

😍 His Expression 😍

If I had a dollar for every different facial expression I've seen since I discovered Kpop, I wouldn't need to keep buying lottery tickets.

😍 Kawaii 😍

CéCi Magazine, August 2015 Issue : Chanyeol You've the whole galaxy in your eyes, and I'm so lost inside.

 His Tongue

It's almost impossible to find another guy that kind of looks like this


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😍 Such Beauty 😍

Chanyeol - 150531 Exoplanet - The EXO’luXion in Shanghai Credit: Yee eYe.


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