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an eagle with green wings and the words ferencvaros on it
a green and white soccer uniform with shoes on it
a green and white logo with fireworks in the background, as if it were from an album
a soccer ball is in the middle of a green and red circle with words on it
a group of soccer players huddle together in front of a green and white poster
the back of a black shirt with an image of a demonic demon and two skulls on it
an eagle with the crest of celtic football club on it's face and green background
an eagle is flying in the air with its wings spread and it's talon extended
an advertisement for the soccer team from brazil
an eagle is shown with the words free bpestixka club on it
a poster with a skeleton wearing a black hood and the words'ferenovaros'on it
the badge for the best known club
Ferencvárosi TC - Komlói Bányász SK 3 : 1, 1974.05.01. (képek, adatok) • Magyar Népköztársasági Kupa 1973 - 1974, döntő